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“You’ll see enough of them to make you happy and more as it goes along. They are by no means going to be off the air for six episodes,” The Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec told E! News. “The mystery is where are they, what happened, are they dead, not dead, and what the hell are they going to do together, those two of all people?” At the panel, Plec revealed there will be a four month time jump between the finale and the premiere. eonline (via couldthisbetrue)
Stefan sort of separetes himself from the group and he is living on his own. It’s kind of interesting how he does that. And he is doing unexpected - he is not really searching for his brother – Paul Wesley x (via imheretofight)


 Ian and Kat Behind The Scenes of Season 6 Episode 2

What’s going on with Stefan? How is he dealing with Damon not being there?
It’s funny, over the hiatus I was talking to Julie Plec and said, “What’s Stefan doing?” And she’s like, “Well he’s searching for his brother.” And I was like, “No, he’s not! He’s cut himself off and he’s left town.” She was like, “I really like that.” So, she wrote this really interesting take on Stefan. He’s decided to shut off his emotions and you think he’s searching for his brother but he’s really just lying to everyone. He’s started his own life. He wants nothing to do with anyone, he’s done.
– Paul Wesley (x)

The Vampire Diaries cast Entertainment Weekly Comic Con Portrait 2014 

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